Welcome To Rosebery District School 

Rosebery is situated on the rugged west coast of Tasmania. The name is taken from a mine pegged out in 1893 by Tom McDonald. He named it the Rosebery Gold Mining Company after the Prime Minister of England, Lord Rosebery. Today the mine, operated by MMG is the main employer within the town and mines gold, lead, copper and zinc.

Rosebery District High School provides education for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Being one of the larger towns on the west coast with a population of around 1000, Rosebery is one of two schools that provides secondary education across the West Coast. 

Rosebery District High School ss part of the West Coast Cluster aims to build educational opportunities utilising information and communication technologies that allows its students to participate in a broad and comprehensive education equal to any student within Australia.​​